Generic All-in-One Laser and Mounting Kit Bundle

All-In-One Generic Laser and Mounting Kit Bundle is great for any machine not covered by one of our other mounting bundles.

This will fit various machines like Mach3 and Mach4 machines, CNC Router Parts machines, and any other custom machine design. It includes the Generic Magnet Mounting Plate that you can mount anywhere on your Z gantry for the laser. Order everything you need to get started on one page.

Super 7W+ Laser now Available!


Mechanic and mangnetic mounting system

mounted laser Sample machine with mounted laser

Pick your Laser Wattage:

There are 4 wattage levels to choose from (2.8W, 4.2W or 7W+). Most customers go with the 2.8W, 4.2W or the 7W. The lower power has a lower price, but will take longer to do the same burn level in an engraving. The 4.2W will go 2x as fast and the 7W will go 4x as fast for the same burn level as the 2.8W. The 2.8W has a bit finer detail, but you can also get the high resolution lens option for the 4.2W and the 7W lasers.

High Resolution AR Coated Lens

This lens will create a smaller and more “rounded” beam to the laser giving a higher resolution spot. While this is not as noticeable on the smaller wattage lasers, it can be a significant improvement for >2.8W lasers when engraving and cutting.

The standard kit comes with:

  • Laser diode component with mounting screws
  • Laser Shroud or Magnet Base Plate
  • Adjustable Safety Compliant Laser Diode Driver
  • Power Cord
  • Laser Safety Goggles for 445nm Lasers
  • Laser Fan
  • Laser Quick Connect Magnet Mount
  • 3 foot Mini Molex Jr. Input Cable
  • Mounting Screws
  • Driver Mounting Sticky Squares
  • Laser and Fan Extension Cables
  • Zip Ties and Zip Tie Holders

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