101 c-beam CNC MACHINE

The 101 c-beam is a super strong, accurate and easy to assemble CNC machine.

It gains its strength by incorporating a combination of C-Beam Linear Rail with multiple uses of the full size Xtreme Solid V wheels. It’s a great machine and we’re sure you will love it!



Travel (Work Area) X Axis 32” (824mm) / Y Axis 30.5” (780mm) / Z Axis 4.5” (~122mm)
Workable Material Height 3.25” (~82mm) Based on a 1/2” spoiler board stack
Drive System: Lead Screw Driven
Machine Accuracy 0.001”~0.003” (0.05mm~0.10mm)
Footprint 40” x 40” (1000mm x 1000mm)
Max Force 26lb (115N)
Max Speed 8000 mm/min

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